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  eestwood, Mar 30 2013

March was good !

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  eestwood, Mar 07 2013

went to try to luckbox the EPT 110£ turbo trny and missed the registration by 2hrs.

anyways, my progress since I moved to Unibet at the end of November last year:

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  eestwood, Mar 26 2012

whats good guys,

I have some updates on my poker grind and wanted to share.

2012 is going ok so far, nothing spectacular tho, but looks like am making some progress.

First off, I need to rant about ipoker - got sick of not having proper rakeback at party where I play most of my volume, so decided to deposit on ipoker where I got sweet rb deal. But the software is bad, even small stakes games are reg infested, + i just couldn't win there + busted quite some BIs at PLOl there.
But I guess I'll keep trying cos it feels stupid to play only on party w/o rakeback.

In other news I am rolled for 100NL so played some hands there - so far so good - just cant flat pre as liberally as at lower stakes cos players seems to be much more squeeze happy.

Trying to work on my game

- play more optimally vs unknowns (randomize hands for making moves and calldowns better)

- being aware of my whole range in most spots (opening, defending vs 3bets, defending flops etc.) and my opponent's range (thats obv more difficult, so at least be aware how strong/wide his range is)

- conscious effort in observing other players,as soon as I sit down at the table, start getting feel for their game, what ranges are the playing, how they play made hands/draws/bluffs..

- struggling with opening wider ranges on the button - feels like am getting crushed when opening 40%+, lots of regs restealing like 10%+ from the blinds (and 3betting 6% on the button lolz).
I should be able to get the best of them when they keep 3betting shitty ranges oop, just have to improve my play in reraised pots with wider range.

thanks all LP green stars for posting interesting hands, blogposts and commenting on small stakes players HHs.

Watched new Longple's vid yesterday night, it was good fun especially the 2nd half. It will def make me spew some buyins trying to outplay peoples but its all good))


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